Engine Oils

217M Armor Plate with Moly-D LPG Oil
219 Odyssey 2000 Synthetic Blend Moly Motor Oil
229 Odyssey 3000 Synthetic Blend Moly Motor Oil
232 Odyssey 1200 Synthetic Blend Moly Motor Oil
233 Odyssey 1300 Synthetic Blend Motor Oil
711 Syn-O-Gen Synthetic Diesel Engine Oil
711-G Syn-O-Gen NG Synthetic Natural Gas Engine Oil
790 Syn-O-Gen Motor Oil
791 Syn-O-Gen Motor Oil
792 Syn-O-Gen Synthetic Motor Oil

Fuel Treatments

400 Protect-O-Lube
402 Lubri-Power
403 Protect-O-Lube Plus
404 Fire-Power
405C Power-Master Plus
406 Injector Perfector
409 Flow-Master
410 Hi-Flame
442 Go-Master Platinum
2001 Power Blend
2002 Power Blend
2003 Power Blend
2010 Winter Blend
2020 Winter Blend
2030 Winter Blend with Ice Check
2035 Thermal Advantage
3000 Phaser
3030 Laser
4000 Winter Power with WASA
4012 Winter Power
4013 Winter Power
4022 Winter Power
4023 Winter Power
4032 Winter Power with Ice Check
4033 Winter Power
4409 S Flow-Master
5001 Power Klenz ID
5002 Power Klenz ID with Xtreme Torque
5007 Power Klenz ID
5750 Winter Klenz ID with Ice Check
5757 Winter KIenz ID with Ice Check
MP8 Microbicide

Gear Lubricants

216G Enviro Blend Food Grade Gear Oil
510M Armor Plate with Moly-D Multipurpose XHP Gear Lubricant
512M Armor Plate with Moly-D XHP Gear Lubricant
513M Armor Plate with Moly-D XHP Gear Lubricant
514M Armor Plate with Moly-D Industrial XHP Gear Lubricant
514S Armor Plate with Moly-D Industrial XHP Gear Lubricant
556 Emerald Shield
714M Armor Plate with Moly-D Gear & Mud Pump Oil
743 Syn-O-Gen EP5W140 Gear Lubricant
744 Syn-O-Gen CD-50 Transmission Lubricant
745 Syn-O-Gen EP 75W90 Gear Lubricant
746 Syn-O-Gen EP 80W140 Gear Lubricant
747-S Syn-O-Gen Synthetic Industrial Gear Lubricant
B680 Enviro Blend Industrial Gear Lubricant


303 Good Stuff
310 Blue Mix
323 Gin Kleen
324 Plunger Grease
327 Armor Plate with Moly-D Construction & Industrial Grease
339 Anti-Seize
357 Armor Plate with Moly-D Magnum Multipurpose Grease
555 Armor Plate with Moly-D EP Open Gear Lubricant
777 Syn-O-Gen Synthetic Grease
FG33 Enviro Blend
NT36 Enviro Blend

Industrial Oils

201 Primrose Plus Non-Detergent Oil
203M Armor Plate with Moly-D Machine & Way Oil
212A Uni-Vis Multi-Function Ashless Industrial Oil
213R Primrose Plus HD Rock Drill Oil
225 Primrose Plus Water Soluble Cutting Oil
226 Kool-Kut
230 Primrose Plus Spindle & Loom Oil
236 Primrose Plus Air Compressor Oil
242 Primrose Plus Turbine Oil
243 Cylinder Oil
548 Armor Plate with Moly-D Chain & Cable Lubricant
748 Syn-O-Gen Synthetic Industrial Chain Lubricant
750 Syn-O-Gen Snthetic Tenter Frame Oil
815 Heat Transfer Oil
817 Flushing Oil
884 Air Line Oil
B66R Enviro Blend Biodegradable Synthetic Blend Rock Drill Oil

Specialty Products

222 Neatsfood Oil Compound
480M Armor Plate with Moly-D Ultraguard
530T Seal Saver
620 Quik- Solv Cleaner Concentrate
621 Superior Spreader Surfactant
623 SPindle Bright
625 Kut Down
626P Enviro-Cool


210 Uni-Vis
210M Armor Plate with Moly-D
211M Armor Plate with Moly-D Industrial Multigrade Hydraulic Oil
212M Armor Plate with Moly-D Multifunction Industrial Oil
213M Armor Plate with Moly-D Multifunction Industrial Oil
216 Enviro Blend Food Grade Hydraulic Oils
251 Primrose Plus Universal ATF
252 Primrose Plus Universal Torque
252R Primrose Plus Universal Torque
253 Odyssey THF
255 Twin Disc 3-Stage
258 Odyssey AW
501 AlliCat at C-4 TO-4
751 Syn-O-Gen Universal ATF
788 Syn-O-Gen
B660 Enviro Blend