Drilling Equipment Selection

We provide assistance in selecting the proper drilling equipment for your job. We ensure that you use the latest and best technology available. Please follow the link for equipment brochures to some of the industries top ground engineering manufactures!

Western Equipment Solutions specializes in sales and support for the foundation construction and ground engineering industries. In addition to offering a full line of foundation drilling equipment and tooling from top manufacturers, we provide jobsite logistics, onsite service, and operator training to help you maximize your drilling potential, improve job performance, and accelerate productivity.

Drilling System Design

Each drilling system is customized to meet the needs of your project. Our skilled team at Wilson Drill Tools can provide you with an effective, high-quality drilling system design that fits your requirements.

  • Reverse Circulation
  • Double Rotary
  • Duplex
  • Top Hammer
  • Percussion
  • Open Hole
  • DTH Hammer
  • Rotary
  • Casing Advancers

Geotechnical Consulting

At Wilson Drill Tools, our experienced team of consultants are available to help you determine the best way to get the job done! Whether it’s to analyze soil reports, ground, and environmental conditions, or technical advice, our Geologist on staff is here to help you find the solutions that work for you!

Project Review

Do you need an outside mind to take a fresh look at your project? We offer project review at Wilson Drill Tools to provide an expert’s opinion.